Who am I?

Hello! Here is Kevin Sanchez. You can call me Kevin. I am a student who learns the computer in the UK. If you want to ask me which language I like best, I will answer you that is Rust, cuz I support that Rust is a very fast and safe language although I use C# as my primary work language.
Most of meats are my favourite food(i.e. pork). However, I extremely hate fish, except Chinese hot pot fish (i.e. Bai Sui Yu). In most of time, I really lack money. So if you want to sponsor or hire me, just email me.

What have I done?

Anyway, it's a good question for everyone. A good project can not only demonstrate how famous you are but also be a way to show how professional in your field.
To me, the project I am most proud of is FastGit. It is a mirror site of GitHub and can help some people access GitHub. Although it is not a very technical project, what you need is just time, money, and a little bit of knowledge about NGINX.
Except for FastGit, I also take part in some meaningful projects, such as LGBT-CN and etc. In my view, a man if wants to be a valuable person, must shoulder more responsibility.
As what you saw, I have just joined a few small projects. Therefore, in the future, I hope that I can hold more chances, and try to contribute more to society.

How to contact me?

I have varieties of social community platform accounts, however, I prefer that you should email me. And here is my email: realkevin@tutanota.com